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Family Resources for Health and Wellness

Good Morning All, 


I wanted to inform everyone that there is an event happening today at the Bronx Terminal Market regarding a coat give a way. They are giving away 3,000 Coats to people in the community and other things as well. It is first come first serve. The information is attached, and the website is below. 


Thank you all have a great day!  

Estimados padres / tutores:
Buenos dias a todos,
 Quería informarles a todos que hoy hay un evento en el Bronx Terminal Market con respecto a un abrigo que cede un paso. Están regalando 3,000 abrigos a personas de la comunidad y también otras cosas. Es por orden de llegada. La información se adjunta y el sitio web se encuentra a continuación.
¡Gracias a todos que tengan un gran día!
Greetings Parents, Are you having difficulty with your child? Do you feel like you've lost control? Is your child rebelling? Is your child skipping school? Are you stressed out? Is your family in a crisis? See the below brochure and see if FAP can be a first step for you to balance these challenges.
Saludos padres, ¿Están teniendo dificultades con su hijo? ¿Sientes que has perdido el control? ¿Su hijo se está rebelando? ¿Su hijo falta a la escuela? ¿Estás estresado? ¿Está tu familia en crisis? Consulte el folleto a continuación y vea si la FAP puede ser un primer paso para equilibrar estos desafíos.
We understand Remote Instruction can create difficulties for families at home for various reasons.  Listed below are great websites and resources to help our families with their health and well-being during this time.
Please register for the upcoming webinars from "Mental Health NYS" by clicking the link below:

Family Dynamics During Covid:

December 14 at 12:00 pm

December 14 at 7:00 pm

December 16 at 12:00 pm